“Martying”® is an alternative to today’s hurried, rehearsed, “over organized” attempts to get to know each other.

In simpler days gone by,  friendship and trust came first and then business followed. Today’s business world has turned that model upside down!  Things move at breakneck speed, transactions are less personal, competition is fierce, and, as a result, the almighty bottom line has become, in many cases, more important than people.

“Martying”® is an antidote, if you will, to today’s hurried, rehearsed, “over organized” attempts to get to know each otherThe brainchild of self styled entrepreneur and business owner, Dave Rizer, martying ® grew out of Dave’s frustration with these conventional networking venues. “I just couldn’t build the kind of meaningful, lasting relationships I wanted over a cup of coffee, 5 minutes and a business card in the morning or over lunch when everyone still had their business face on and their mind was on their next appointment rather than me. It just wasn’t my style.” says Rizer.

So in 1993 he pulled together several other Overland Park, Kansas small business owners, and suggested that they meet but not talk business unless asked,  involve their families, and most important, have lots of fun together. “In fact, says Rizer, that was the whole premise: have fun, laugh, become friends first and let business take care of itself.”  That’s our version of business networking and we call it Martying.

Rizer is enthusiastic when he says, “We do a ton of business, but we don’t have to stand around and talk about it. We accomplished what we set out to do: “we built some great relationships, became friends, and referral business just started happening.”