“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer”

The Marty Connection, 1993 to present!  The history of a business networking group that dared to do things differently!

 “We were doing business with each other right off the bat” says Rizer, “and been having fun and doing business without really trying for the last 25 years”.  

NUMBER 1: Shawnee/Lenexa Team

1993: SHAWNEE LENEXA GROUP. This was the very first marty®  for the Shawnee/Lenexa Group held at Le Peeps Restaurant in 1993. These folks deserve a hand. It’s not easy to trust an untried concept when you have to ante up and be one of the first ones on board.

1997: SHAWNEE/LENEXA This was the Shawnee Lenexa group   four years into the concept posing for a group shot at Dr Paul Schaal’s Wellness clinic.

Number 2.  Then came the LAWRENCE TEAM! What a group.  they taught me the true meaning of Martying

NUMBER 3: Next we began the COLLEGE BOULEVARD TEAM. Now the Marty Connection began to really rock.

NUMBER 4: Next came the… JOHNSON COUNTY TEAM. This began a good spirited team rivalry between JOCO and College that would last for years

NUMBER 5:  then there was the OLATHE TEAM. Olathe was growing by leaps and bounds about this time and the team came together super quickly.

NUMBER 6: Next came the BLUE VALLEY TEAM. When the Olathe Team grew by leaps and bounds we split it up to form the Blue Valley group.

NUMBER 7:  Growth was fantastic in the city of Lees Summit so we built a team there as well.