Small Business Networking Resolutions for 2019

Heading into a new year is a great time to reflect on your business performance and see how your efforts stacked up in 2018. How close did you come to accomplishing your networking goals? Here are some New Year's Resolutions s you can carry out in 2019 to insure that you can give yourself an A+ come 2020.


In order to plan for the new year, it's important to reflect and think about the past year. What did you do right? What worked and what didn't? Keep this process positive. Don't beat yourself up for missed opportunities. Instead, take the knowledge you gained from your networking in the past year and use that as the foundation to set your new goals. One must reflect upon the past to learn and make improvements for the future!

Set Measurable Goals:

Be specific when setting your small business networking goals. Generic goals like "meet more people", are vague, amorphous and too easily abandoned. How many is "more new people" anyway? More could mean 3 or 5 or 7 any of which could spell quitting time. Instead, try something like "connect with 10 new business owners in the area". That's specific and measurable. If your goal is 10 new people and you have 5 it let's you know you're only half way there.

Strive For a Positive Mindset

A major hurdle when it comes to networking is the intimidation factor. Many are anxious about fitting in. To help with this in 2019 I would refer you to our previous Dec 17th blog..."Smiling Your Way to Networking Success". It is a wonderful tool that helps create and maintain a positive attitude which will do wonders for your goals! Focus on the great opportunities that are available at an upcoming event. You could meet your best client. You never know.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone More Often

To grow, it’s essential to occasionally move from what we know to what we don’t. This can mean getting out of our comfort zone which can be nerve-racking and downright frightening at first. But the more we do it the more our confidence grows and our self-doubt shrinks. When you go into situations you’re not sure about, be proud that you are consciously facing your fears. "Do the things you fear the most, and the death of fear is certain". By making the effort, you will learn how to better prepare yourself for the next time.