marty  (mär´të), noun, 1. a meeting mixing business with pleasure (i.e., meeting + party); verb, 2. to mix with others for fun and profit.

At the heart of the concept is the casual, relaxed evening environment we call a Marty. It's a blend of fun, food, and business where you can come as you are. Relationships = Referrals.

What's for Dinner? Doors open at 7PM. The food's ready, the beverages are chilled (if that's your pleasure) and members can leave their business face at the door, kick back after a long day, and enjoy a social atmosphere without worrying about someone trying to sell them something.

An hour and a half in we begin our version of a meeting. It's different but a 25 year track record of referrals shows it is effective. This portion is held to under 30 minutes and when we're done, we take up where we left off and Marty-on.