What Is A Marty

marty  (mär´të), noun, 1. a meeting mixing business with pleasure (i.e., meeting + party); verb, 2. to mix with others for fun and profit.

Like McDonalds our “secret sauce” sets us apart. At the heart of our concept is the casual, relaxed evening environment we call a Marty.  It’s a blend of fun, food &  business where you can come as you are and BE YOURSELF.

Marty agenda: Kick back and relax!

What’s for Dinner? Doors open at 7PM. When you arrive, the food’s ready, the  beverages are chilled (if that’s your pleasure) and members  can kick back after a long day, leave their business face at the door, and enjoy a social atmosphere  without worrying about someone trying to sell them something.

An hour and a half into the festivities we begin our version of a Marty ® meeting. It’s different but our 25 year track record of referrals shows, it must be effective.  This portion is kept short and sweet and held to under 30 minutes. When we’re done with business we take up where we left off and Marty-on until the last person’s gone.

Sample our “Secret Sauce” for yourself.  Check out a couple of MARTY videos to see how we combine business with pleasure.